Saturday, 24 February 2007

Apple Mighty Mouse battery life

This is a follow up to the post Apple Keyboard battery life.

At the opening of the iStore at
Clear Water Mall, i purchased a wireless Mighty Mouse. Before that I had a single button wireless Apple Mouse.
The problem with that mouse was the batteries.
They would go flat every week or two.

The batteris in the mighty mouse have lasted a little longer than that.
I got the mouse on 30 September 2006, and the batteries went flat this morning, 24 February 2007. That is approximately 5 months.

Friday, 16 February 2007

2B1 ASK1

Although it's not a great photo, I was driving behind this car a few days ago.

On the bottom left, it had a compas and square, just under "Mazda" (Click for larger image).

On the top of the back of the car it had a bumper sticker saying "2 B 1 - ASK 1".
I was wondering if I would want to be one. I would be very interested to know what they all do, and talk about, but I don't know if they are as scary as people think they are. There are many stories and rumors on Freemasons controlling the planet, and worshiping the devil.

Being interested in conspiracy theories, I have read a lot saying how evil they are, and everything else I'm sure most people reading this have heard or read.

I read that the Square is to square your actions, and the compasses to circumscribe and keep you in due bonds with all mankind.

They also use buildings as symbols, pyramids, temples, obelisks. Because of the buildings, people assume they are linked to The Knights Templar, or old Egyptian religions.
A mason is a builder. A Free Mason, is a builder who dose not work for anybody, or is not a slave, like a free lance (A knight who does not serve a lord).
If a mason is a builder, using a building as a symbol should not seem strange. One things all these buildings have in common, is they are not easy to design, or build. They require careful planning, and calculation.
You could see your own life as a complex building. You need to start off with a strong foundation as a child.

If these are true descriptions of there symbols, they don't seem to be "Bad" people, but rather a society of people with good morals that you could trust.

So maybe they are a group of men who bite the heads off unborn children, or maybe people are just afraid of what they don't know, and assume that if something is kept a secret it has to be evil.

Remember companies also keep secrets. They don't let anybody come to there board meetings, and keep uncreased products a secret until they are launched.

I would really like anybody with an opinion on this subject to comment. If you are reading this and you are a Free Mason, please leave a comment as well, it would be really interesting to get comments from you on what I have written...

Friday, 09 February 2007

Silent Hill

Last night, Otaku, the Anime lifestyle magazine, took any readers who wanted to go, to watch Silent Hill, at the Sterkinekor in Rosebank. I am not going to tell you the story, just that it is based on a video game.
If you enjoy horror movies, you should go see it. Here is the trailer.

Saturday, 03 February 2007

Which editor to use?

I have an assignment to do, I and I trying to decide which editor I should use to create in, or should I use a combination of two.

The Options
1. Vim

I think this is one of the best editors to use, if you are just working on plain text documents. It is quick to use, there is little distraction with different styles, formatting, layout. Everything can be done with the keyboard, so you never have to move you hand to the mouse. It now has a spell checker, something I need, which can also be used, with just the keyboard.
2. Text Edit
Text edit is a very basic editor, which also supports rich text editing, which means headings can be made bold. Print has an export to PDF option.
3. Neo Office (Open Office)
Neo Office is an open source office suite, which is based on Open Office. It has many features, that can also become distracting. There are a few features I would use, which are...
Headers and footers. Heading and paragraph styles. Automatic table of content. Reference database and bibliography.

I have three options (I'm not going to be looking at Text Edit).

I could do it all in Vim, ignore pages numbers, and do a Table of content, and bibliography manually. The table of content would of course then not have page numbers.

I could also do it completely in Neo Office. Having nice headers and page numbers.

The third option is to do the typing in Vim, and then setting up the style in Neo Office. I could then add a header and footer, set heading styles, and add a Table of content to it. Adding bibliography referencers would be to much to do after, so I would juts type out the bibliography if I did it this way, as though I was just leaving it plain text

Please give comments on how you prefer editing documents...