Thursday, 30 November 2006

The difference between PC and Mac

Mac doesn't need a model on the cover to sell magazines.

Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Traffic Lights

Does anybody know if there is a law on what color the pole of a traffic light in South Africa is.
This may sound like a sill question, considering they are all yellow, but even when another pole is used to hold the traffic light, it will be painted yellow.

Look here for example. The traffic light is attached to a street light, so the bottom part of it is painted yellow...

But now look here...

The traffic light is mounted on the pillar of the bridge, and the yellow "pole" is just painted on. It is not really there...

Wednesday, 08 November 2006

The Singularity

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Just a small window to what type goes through my little head
, but it does have a small disclaimer...
I am not a scientist, I have not studied Science, Mathematics, Physics, Art, or any other subject I may mention in this post. I know nothing on these subjects, I am only putting down a thought I had. If you are wondering if I am talking out my Arse... I am...

I am going to start with my understanding of the singularity, this is not the point I am trying to make in the post. Please bear with me.

Supposedly the universe started, and will end, as a singularity.
You know the Big Bang thing.
Here is a nice picture from Wikipedia to illustrate the Big Bang.

The basic Idea, to my understanding...
Everything started at a single point, infinitely small.
Something caused it to expand out, into the Universe (as we ,think, know it)
Like an explosion, everything was accelerating outwards.
Because the atoms or particles had a mas, gravity attracted particles that where near each other to form larger objects, or gases, which from chemical reactions, with each other caused stars, solar systems, etc...
That is a very shortened version of the whole story

Now we must imagine that two atoms, no matter how far away from each other, are going to have a gravitational attraction to one another. The attraction is going to be extremely small, and at large distances (across galaxies or the universe) it's going to be completely unmeasurable, but it is still there, although atoms closer will have more of an effective pull.

Now, with all this attraction, why isn't the universe accelerating into one huge collision?
The answer would be that it will, one day...

Will somebody who knows what the are talking about please go through this next bit and correct the errors, it is just here for the point
imagine throwing a ball into the air, accelerating it at 20 m/s^2.
The starting velocity of the ball will be 0 m/s upward.
After 1 Second, the ball will be travailing at 20 m/s^2 upward but only accelerating upward at 10 m/s^2 due to gravity*.
After another second the ball will be traveling at 30 m/s^2 upward, and the acceleration will be 0. It will no longer be acceleration.
After the next second, the ball would still be traveling at 30 m/s^2 upward, but the acceleration is now -10 m/s^2 (or 10 m/s^2 downward).
After another second, the the ball is still traveling up, at 20 m/s^2, (and I don't think gravitational acceleration will increase after 10*).

*I know it is not really 10, it is 9.82 or something at sea level, but I didn't feel like trying to work that all out, so I kept it simple. This also assumes that there is no time between seconds, which is not true, and of course no air pressure or wind.

Okay back to the point. We can see that even though there is force in the opposite direction, it is possible for something to keep acceleration, although the acceleration will become gradely less.
Even when the acceleration become negative, or positive in the opposite direction, the object keeps moving in the direction it is going, it just starts slowing down, until it gets to 0, and the will start moving in the opposite direction.

So when the universe stops acceleration outward, it will eventually start slowing down, and the start coming back in, which will then result in the next singularity.

Now that you understand, or possibly not, my understanding of the singularity, I can try and get on to the point I want to make, once again, I know nothing about any of this, it is just a though I had.

When we look along a plane, imagine a flat desert with a duel-carriage road running straight through it, at the farthest point we can see, the road is almost one point.
If the earth was flat, and we had a long range telescope we would be able to see a lot further.
If we could look far enough, everything would appear to meet at one single point.

Looking forward, relative to where we are, everything meets at one single point.
Of coarse if we walk there, it would not be one point, we would be standing in the middle of an enormous desert, but looking back, the point we came from would also meet at a similar single point.

I don't know if you can see the connection I am trying to make?

Is it possible that there never was a singularity, and there never will be one, but rather that looking back or forward in time, everything just appears closer together, to the point where everything meets at one single point if we look far enough?

If you have read this far, thank you,
and please comment, correct, criticize, flame, what ever.