Thursday, 28 June 2007

The Save Icon

I have just had a thought.
Is the "Save Icon" going to change any time soon?
I think it is already quite outdated, but even Microsoft Office 2007,
with it's amazing interface uses a 3½" floppy disk as a "Save Icon".

The problem with this is that nobody actually uses floppy disks anymore.
Should the standard "Save Icon" not be updated for something more
relevant for our time?
People could argue that everybody knows what it is, and what it means,
but what about the next generation of computer users?

Most of us grew up with Floppy Disks 3½", or 5¼". We would copy games
from our friends, that where zipped over up to 15, or even more,
floppy disks. MS-DOS, and Windows came on floppy disks, it was just a
part of life, and the save icon makes sense to us.

But, what about the next generation...
Games, and other software no longer ever come on CD-ROM anymore, they
are on DVD, and now even Blu-ray. If you want to copy something from a
friend you would use a flash disk, or download it from BitTorrent.
The next generation will never even see a floppy disk.

How can the "Save Icon" be updated to reflect this?
Can it be updated to reflect this?

Could a "Hard Disk" or "Flash Disk" Icon be used instead of a "Floppy Disk"?
I don't know if it would make as much sense.

What about using a "House Icon", like the ones often used for "Home
Directory", or "~/"?
The icon would mean "Save to home disk".

What about a "Folder Icon" like the one used for "Open"?
The "Open Icon" would then have to change, they can't both be the same.
The "Save Icon" could have an arrow going into the "Folder" while
"Open" has an arrow coming out.

I don't know what it can change to, but it must change, or else we
might as well use a "Cassette Tape Save Icon".

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean Reviews

There are two podcasts I listen to which have given reviews on Pirates 3, and I agree with both of them.
The fist is the Totally Rad Show.
And the other is The Ninja.
Give them a watch.