Thursday, 04 June 2009

The Sokkie

So, it seems most people that find this blog do so by search Google for how to Sokkie. A friend even told me a few days ago that they found my blog, because they had done such a search. I searched Google and saw that it came up second on the list.

I feel sorry for all the people coming here, as my block does not have any information how to do the dance, so I thought I would put up this post, and try and link to a few web pages that might be able to help.

Here is one:
Learn how to Sokkie in five easy steps
This however is the number one hit on Google, so you have probably already clicked it. If you have not, I recommend you do. It is not only insightful, but actually quite funny.

Here is a video on Youtube, not just a sokkie, but it has some in it:
Natasja Lee - "Sokkie Bokkie"

If you have any other tips for me or readers, please comment...