Thursday, 19 October 2006

Apple Keyboard battery life

When I bought my Mac Mini, on the twentieth of December, last year (2005). I also bought a wireless mouse and keyboard.
The wireless mighty mouse was not out yet.

The battery life on the mouse sucked.
I would have to change them about every two weeks (I haven't got round to buying rechargeable yet).

They keyboard on the other hand has, I think, an amazing battery life.
I changed them for the first time this morning (19 October 2006), so they laster a day short of ten months.
I think that is very good.

I purchased a wireless mighty mouse when the iStore at Clear Water Mall opened, and that is an amazing mouse.
The battery indicator is still showing full, so I will see how they go.

If they last as long as the keyboards did, I might not even bother with rechargeable.

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