Thursday, 12 October 2006

just another day...

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I have been thinking for the last few days, what can I put in my blog, I want to try to keep it active, but most the time my life is that exciting.

Anyway, on the way to work this morning (I live in Alberton, and take Heidelberg Road most days to get to work), when the car started pulling slightly to the side, and then... Ba ba ba ba ba ba....
It was the tier, the front left. It is always the front left. I have had the car just over a year, and it's the fifth or sixth time I have had a flat tire. Each time it was the front left. I have twice had a flat tire in other cars, my mom's old car, and my old Fiat. Each time it was the front left.

I pulled into a little garage I saw in a side road. One of the attendants saw what the problem, and came straight to help me. Normally I prefer doing things like this myself, I know how to change a wheel, but I did appreciate his help.

When he was nearly done, I went into the small shop that was there, got a bottle, and a can of coke, took it to the counter, and pulled out my credit card. (It's such a bad habit, isn't it?) The lady that was there looked at me and said "We don't take that." I asked if there was an ATM, and she pointed across the road.

I quickly ran across the road. It was a Standard Bank ATM. I have no problem with Standard Bank. I even have friends who work for Standard Bank. I just really hate their ATMs. Maybe it's what you're used to, but I have just never liked their ATMs.

Any way, I put in my card. I put in my pin, I press the button. I select an amount. I press Credit Card. Then there is that picture that comes on the screen, with the man running, and it says transaction in progress.

Then the card come out. Then the card goes back in. Then the card come out. Then the card goes back in. Then the screen says, "Please insert card." Um.....

There where a few other people in the queue. One tried, and the same in-out thing happened, so they took there cards before they went in again.

I went back across the road, found some money in my wallet, and paid for the cokes. I gave the bottle to they guy who helped with the changing the wheel. He was busy washing all the windows and mirrors.

I phoned ABSA when I got to work. They stopped the card, but I should probably change all my pin codes. They will send a new one will be sent to my branch. It should take five to seven working days.
I actually wish it was going to take longer.

Maybe it was divine intervention.


Carl Spies said...

hmmn .. good call on cancelling the card

I know there was an evil scam around a while back with dude jamming small wads of toilet paper or matches in the card slot, then when victim #1 arrives, his card goes in but not all the way and seems to have been swallowed, client leaves and then eeyvil criminal pulls out match/tissue wad and the card comes out with it.

hopefully the atm is just on crack and not being nefariously repurposed

duzbin said...

I remember hearing that as well.

You would think that you would see a match stick, or toilet paper in the slot, and not put the card in.

The biggest problem, even with a stopped card, is that when you make a purchase for less than about R100 it does not communicate with the bank, the transaction just goes straight through. I don't know how they eventually find a card and cut it up if a person does steel a card, and just makes R50 purchases.

A few weeks ago I bought an iPod Hi-Fi, and the bank phones me, to make sure it was me spending all the money, but with small purchases they wouldn't pick it up and investigate.

Anyway, I cancel the card, the guy on the phone read out my statement to me, and all the calls are recorded, so I don't think I will have a problem.