Sunday, 08 October 2006


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On Friday night (iDate 106.278), the nurse students at RAU had an annual ball which I went to.
It wasn't bad, but it's really not my thing. I had to ware proper pants, I don't like.
I didn't ware a jacket or tie, I really don't like that.

It was a nice evening, not as good as the Geek Dinner the night before.
There where a few Afrikaans couples doing a socky (I have no idea how to spell that)dance, one of them where really going crazy, and to be completely honest, it looks really fun.
Does anybody want to teach me how to dance like that?


Roger Saner said...

It's spelt "sokkie" - and all you need to do to learn it is to get an Afrikaans chick to teach you. Great way to meet people!

duzbin said...

I'm not going to correct the spelling on the post, that would be "Cheating", but I will remember.

duzbin said...

I've just seen that people have found this post by searching for "How to Sokkie" on Google. I'm proud of myself :)

You can also find my blog by searching for "10m/s/s", but I don't know who would do that (someone has).