Thursday, 12 October 2006

just another drive home....

duzbin's blog, iDate

This is a short one, just ironic that that it happened on the same day as everything else.
On the way home from work this afternoon, a truck changed lanes, while I was next to him.
It wasn't serious, only his wheel hit me, but it scraped some of the paint off the car.

The truck realized he hit me, and went back to his lane. He didn't stop or anything. I wasn't able to get his license number either, and even if I did, I don't know what I would have done with it.


Third World Ant said...

Hey Duzbin - did Peas and I perhaps meet you at the Geek dinner?

What's the deal with the iDate? (I'm not geeky enough to work it out, it would appear...)

Anyhow, I'm spluttering with disbelief that you did nothing about the truck! I'd have thrown a real Italian tantrum if it happened to me! (You should've got the name of the truck's company if it had one advertised all over it, or chased him down to get the licence plate, and then call the asshole's boss to get his butt fired!) Aaargh! I'm now fuming on your behalf!

duzbin said...

Hi ant.

You did meet me at the Geek Dinner, the question is, how did you know it was me?

I know, I thought I should have done something, but it's not easy when you are in traffic, that’s all moving, and everybody is really anxious to get home. Anyway, its just a bit of paint off the side.

The iDate thing...
The was designed by Swatch, in 1998 I think, but I wanted to be able to show the whole date, so I made something up.
The 106 is the year, starting at 1900 as 0.
The next part is the day of the year (1 Jan would be 0). The 28 February would be 58, and then the 29 February would be 58+1. That we be to allow it to stay in-sync with leap years.

Thank you for leaving your comment.

Third World Ant said...

To be honest, Duzbin, my memory doesn't span back far enough! Were you at my table? I've seen your name in comments in previous posts, but I can't recall anyone named Jonathan introducing themselves to me!

With the German thing though... were you sitting diagonally opposite me for a bit?

duzbin said...

I was sitting opposite you for a while. When I first got there I sat neer the end of the table.

I sat with Carl [] most the time, but I sat in ?Heinrich's? seat when I ate my starter.

That Cheese was nice...

Hey, that might explain something...
Maybe after the Jam Jar you thought you where still talking to him.

Third World Ant said...

oy! i can handle me jam jars! NOW I remember who you are, and yes, you do look German.

And yes, it was Heinrich's seat you were sitting in.

See, all it needed was a jog of the memory :)

duzbin said...

What does a German look like?

Third World Ant said...

duh. stupid question. like you.