Friday, 06 October 2006


duzbin's blog, iDate

I have tried blogging a few time before, and they have never made it past two posts.
Any way, I was at a Geek Dinner last night, and just about everybody there had a blog, and spoke about blogging, and there where even speakers, who gave speeches on blogging.

This made me think, it can't be that difficult.
Even if I don't have anything interesting to say, just what I did today, or just saying that I had a boring day, is something to say. So I thought I would give it another try.

The dinner was great. The food was good, although a little expensive.
Wine was supplied by Stormhoek. I don't drink alcohol, so I never had any but, but It was still a really great evening.

Lets hope I get a lot more posts out this time.


Roger Saner said...

Yip - it's not that difficult after all! Welcome to the geek community :)

duzbin said...

Wow, somebody posted to my blog.
A lot sooner than I thought.

Thank you Roger.

Carl Spies said...

Hey Hey Jonathan

Ater camping out with ya at the opening of the Clearwater Apple iStore AND yakking furiously with ya at the JoziGeekDinner, I've noticed that you always have something interesting to say.

Admittedly, your brain runs way faster than 'normal' human beings - definite serious geekiness inside!

Great to have you at the 'geek' events and looking forward to appreciating more of your great ideas and unique perspective.

Am subscribed to your feed and ready for more Jonathan intellect ++

Way to go boet!

duzbin said...

Thanks Carl.
It's nice knowing I'm not alone, and other people (around here) call them selves Geeks, and are proud of it.

I must admit "unique perspective" is quite a euphemism of what most "normal" people think of me, but isn't that what a Geek is. We are all very different, nobody sees anybody as being weird. We appreciate the unique.

I have just pictured it as seeing the main stream as a pile of coins, with everyone trying to fit it. When trends change, you pull out the bottom coin, and everyone falls over, and quickly tries to get back in the pile, and not get left behind.

I see the Geek community as a jigsaw puzzle. All the pieces are different, but fit in together to make the picture complete.

Then again I could be talking out of my ring.

Thanks for leaving a comment, I appreciate it.